[Coco] FD501

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 21 16:38:59 EST 2006

Darren A. wrote:
>> Other thing. The RS Disk Basic ROM is the old smaller variety. Is it
>> possible to rig a 27xxx chip into there?
> Cloud9 sells (used to sell) an item called the DOS Adapter. It was a 
> nice little board that allowed a 28-pin (27xxx) EPROM to be plugged into 
> the 24-pin sockets used by Tandy. Whether or not you can still get one 
> is another matter. There are instructions floating around the web that 
> show how to make your own adapter with multiple piggybacked sockets, but 
> it's a real hassle, and it makes the cart too big to fit in the coco.

Yep did that when adapting SuperDos from the Dragon to run with my 
FD-500, ended up having to saw a section of the dragon cas out so that 
it would fit :)



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