[Coco] Running 5.25" drives with Win 2000

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Tue Nov 21 05:56:56 EST 2006

Well, I can see the main board having issues. From faulty design to simple 
static discharge.  Finding the acual problem might be a challenge.  It is 
sounding outsice of my skill set for sure.  I have one machine that I have 
loaded Windows 98 close to a dozen times.  The install goes south in 
minutes, often before the drivers can be loaded, and / or before updates 
installed.  I gave up when it took to LINUX line a duck to water.

Bruce W.

> The problem I seem to be having isn't with Windows 2000
> (not XP) but with the Motherboard of the one PC I am
> trying to work with.  I set the system up to have two 3.5"
> drives, and only the A drive works.  The B drive does not
> work.  I swapped drives ( A<->B) and only the A drive
> works, regardless of the 3.5" drive connected to it.
> When I change the BIOS so that the A drive is a 5.25"
> drive it cannot see the media.  A combo drive worked only
> when it was dive A and set to 3.5", but the 5.25" drive
> still didn't work.
> This could be due to the fact that the install of Windows
> does not have any service packs installed, or this
> particular Windows 2000 CD (OEM CD) was build without
> 5.25" floppy support.
> -Jim/coco 

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