[Coco] Dos ROMS.

Mike Pepe lamune at doki-doki.net
Sun Nov 19 14:28:31 EST 2006

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Humm, that addressing seems to be slightly fubar.  IIRC,
> RS-DOS (Color Basic) lives at $8000-$9FFF.
> Extended Color Basic lives at $A000-$BFFF I believe and
> Disk Extended Basic lives at $C000-$DFFF.  Only for the coco3 does 
> anything live at $E000 and above (that I know of anyway)

Gene, not quite right

Color BASIC starts at $A000
Extended BASIC starts at $8000
Disk BASIC starts at $C000, and there's a 'mirror' at $E000 due to the 
16k decoding of the CART output.

In fact there was a trick to get 8k more for color basic programs on a 
64k CoCo by copying the ROM to RAM and somehow switching off the 
Extended BASIC functions. I remember it appearing in Rainbow but I'm not 
sure if I ever used it for anything practical.


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