[Coco] DLOAD... was Re: Error codes on SECB

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Sat Nov 18 13:01:44 EST 2006

Aaron Banerjee wrote:
> As for errors, has anyone ever gotten an ?ST ERROR by simply having a
> string formula that was too complex?

I managed it once. I think I had some crazily nested LEFT$,MID$,RIGHT$, 
etc. (I'm one of those who likes to combine everything into one 
statement if possible. It just comes naturally to me.) I don't remember 
the specifics now; it was way too many years ago.

Of course, I was mystified by the ST error at the time. You have to 
understand what the string stack is and why it is used and the fact that 
it is only 5 entries deep to understand it.

William Astle
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