[Coco] Teac FD235F

Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Fri Nov 3 12:10:36 EST 2006

I picking up a couple of old Tandy V20's (one 1400FD and one 1400LT) in
order to get their 720k 3.5" FDD's (much cheaper than buying 720k FDD's
separately)  The 1400FD provided two FDDs with 28 pin connectors. I
finally got them to work perfectly. The FD I just today tore apart and
it has two TEAC FD235F units with 34 pin connectors. There is no
separate power connector, power goes in via the ribbon cable. Does
anyone know what is the correct hook up for the TEAC FD235F as described
above? Not just the power but all the lines? Thanks. /Chester

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