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Thierry Mella thierry.mella at skynet.be
Mon May 29 18:08:34 EDT 2006

Fedor Steeman wrote:

> Hello Thierry!
> Welcome from another European CoCo-user. There aren't many of us on this
> side of the Atlantic, but our numbers seem to have doubled twice, so 
> now we
> are up to four!
> I have no idea how many CoCo's there are still around. I have a little
> stockpile myself here, one of which I am about to sell to a Norwegian 
> guy I
> met at evening school, who used to own a Dragon.
> Anyway, let's stay in touch. Maybe we can establish a European CoCo user
> network.
> Cheers,
> Fedor (in Danmark, 'though originally from Holland)
> PS: check out this (outdated) webpage I once made:
> http://hjem.get2net.dk/steeman/ecun.html

Hello Fedor !

What a surprise to find another coco user in Denmark and in Belgium 
(Brussels), where I live ...!!

It seems that you both have a Coco 3 but, in my mind, I thought that 
this model has never
been sold in Europe. Is it right ? If I'm wrong, is this a PAL model ? 
And what about
the frequency of the power supply ? (it's different than in the US). 
Maybe was it sold in the
Netherlands but , as far as I  remember, It has never been sold in Belgium.

Anyway, I'll try to get in touch with Philippe Hennebert too ...

You can put my reference on your web page :

My hardware is simple :

1 Coco 1 32K Extended Basic + 1 dead Floppy Drive + 1 Color Graphic 
Printer CGP-115

I'm looking for a Coco 3 in order to use OS-9, FLEX and the extended 
graphical capabilities
of the model 3 ( ah 80 columns !!! :-) ). I don't know OS-9 and FLEX but 
I've read a lot
of good reviews about them ...

I'm also looking for Pascal and C compiler (Cartridge / Disk) and 6809E 
Assembler (Disk)
 'cause I'd like to "play" again with theses languages ...

I've also used a Coco 2 at school but it seems that it was a small 
upgrade of the Coco 1 --> not so interesting
as the Coco 3 ...

Kind Regards (that's what the Flemishs says ... :-) )


Engineering is the Art of making what you want from things you can get.

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