[Coco] CoCo and SATA/USB drives.

Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Wed May 24 02:24:16 EDT 2006

Hi all:

I'm currently attending training seminar for the SATA 
Drive Protocol at work.  During today's training the 
presenter showed a picture of the typical PC with standart 
Floppy and IDE (PATA) drives and how ugly it looked with 
all the oder cables.  The next picture was of a PC with 
SATA Hard Drives and a USB Floppy (USB from the 

This got me thinking about the future of Floppies and Hard 
Drives for the CoCo community.  With low cost USB External 
Enclosueres for SATA drives becoming available and with 
USB floppy drives already available, I think what the CoCo 
needs is a USB 2.0 adapter that can address both.  I 
wonder if it is possible to have this adapter create a new 
drive type that will allow the CoCo to read 1.44M 3.5" 

I'll follow up later when I have time, but I would like to 
know what others think about the future of drives and how 
the changes will affect the CoCo.

-Jim Cox

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