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Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Wed May 17 23:04:51 EDT 2006


I have to disagree on one point here.  "Smartness" as measured has little to
do with over all ability.  I've known "retarded" people who seemed to have a
knack for some things while people with "genius level" IQs couldn't find
their way to the bottom of a paper sack.  I "aced" algebra in HS, but the
problem was I was seeing the answer in my head and working backwards on
paper to show the steps for the solution.  That turns in the homework, but I
did not learn to work with algebra properly.  I really saw through that when
I attempted to learn programming in BASIC.

In short, I'm the guy that takes other programmers work and modifies them
into something that works for me.  Everybody has strengths and weaknesses.
The CoCo is good at showing us where we are strong, or not.

The frustrating thing is that bootlists are detail things.  (Actually, I've
always used CONFIG.)

A; Take a break.
B; compare the boot lists from the old 6809 disks.
C; Consider booting from floppy, loading and linking the CF drivers and
modules and testing things that way.  It's been a while since I've done this
with my hard drive, so it is rusty knowledge.  But it is one possible route
for trouble shooting.

> I think my problem is that I'm not smart enough make this work. I should
> just stick to things that I'm capable of understanding like Linux and
> At least when I have a problem with them I can get them working again. If
> a module is missing I get an error letting me know which module is missing
> and then I can load it.
> Frank

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