[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] Update!

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Wed May 17 02:30:01 EDT 2006


Can I convince you to hold back on the release until the coco fest if you
get it done earlier? The disk will be a heck of a draw for people. Also
plan on bringing a lot of disks and selling out!! :-)


On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 10:33:36PM -0600, Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I know it must seem like it's been a long haul already, but I think the
> resources are finally coming together for the ROD project to be debuted at
> the next "Last" Rainbow fest in Chicago.  We don't want to prematurely
> announce anything, but you will be able to keep up to date on the status
> of our progress on my website
> (http://musicheadproductions.org/rainbow-on-disc/status).  We are
> projecting the cost at $50 a set, and stand by our decision to provide
> this at cost (no profit built in) plus a small "wear-and-tear" margin for
> DVD burners, scanners, etc.
> I have followed some of the "Rainbow Fest" dialog on the list, and hope
> that you will be able to see me there as a vendor next year, but even if
> there was never another Rainbow Fest (perish the thought) we should be
> shipping within the next 12 months.
> Thanks go out to the many contributers and supporters of this project! 
> Long live the Rainbow!
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood
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