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Where do I find a link on coco3?
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Ok guys, I'm in a good mood this weekend (and I need some funds in my 
PayPal account) :)  so you better jump on this one *this weekend* or 
forever kick yourself...

How's this for $29 ?

* The CoCo Collection CD:
  - TONS of of CoCo files, games, apps, graphics, dsk images, docs, 
manuals, etc.
  - Latest Rainbow IDE and Portal-9 IDE installers
  - M.E.S.S. .104 and BIOS collection (almost all of them) for Rainbow

* Rainbow IDE and Portal-9 registration keys (means you purchased both
get free upgrades)
* CoCoNutz Newsletter booklets volumes 1-3 and the special 2005 Xmas
* CCASM Users Guide & 6809/6309 Reference manual booklet (assembly
* For the first 6 orders I receive - a PC Link Cable (CoCo to PC
serial cable)

All for ** $29 ** which includes shipping in the U.S.  Canada add $3.50.

Btw, Rainbow alone is $49, Portal-9 is $39, the PC Link cable is over
and Mary's newsletter booklets cost to produce, so I'm practically
everything away here to make some sales this weekend.

PayPal Only -> payment at coco3.com
Ask for "The Works" or I'll know what it's for by the amount you sent.

Thank you all for supporting CoCo3.com and for helping me pay for
and my development tools that I use to bring you everything.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

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