[Coco] Chip ID

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Tue May 9 14:13:01 EDT 2006

Chester A Patterson wrote:
> Hello all,
> I picked up some old stuff yesterday, and need to ID it to see if it is of
> any use for Coco hardware.
> 18	4164-15
> 18	4164-2

64Kx1 Dram chips, 150ns & 200ns, used in 32/64K CoCo 1/2 & Dragon 64 
(also some 32s have half bad ones).

These can often be used to upgrade 16K CoCo 1s to 64K *** NOTE *** this 
is not just a simple chip swap, you need to change jumpers as well or 
you will fry the ram !

> 9	81256-15

Not sure but probably some sort of RAMs, sound like 256Kx1, so possibly 
of use in some CoCo 3 exansion modules ???

> 32	4161-15

16Kx1 Dram chips, used in 16K CoCo 1/2 & some Dragon 32s.

> 1	74S409-2N
> 1	6502		CPU Nostalgia
> 1	8088		CPU Nostalgia
> 1	8086-2	CPU Nostalgia

Well load of vintage home micros used the 6502, and of course lots of 
old PCs used 8088/8086.

> 8	71C464-80

 From a google search this looks like a 41464 64Kx4 equivelent, 41464s 
where used in some of the 64k CoCo2 machines, as replacements for the 
2x4416 16Kx6 chips.

> And several assorted 2764, 27128 and 27256 EPROMS.

Now I just need a source of 2532s, as a lot of the old Dragon carts used 



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