[Coco] FD-502 controller problem

Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Fri May 19 07:54:15 EDT 2006

Hello CoCo fans!

I have a FD-502 disk controller that is giving me a bit of trouble. A DSKINI
on drive 0 gives an IO error
when the "clicking" sound from the drive steps up to a faster rate. (I hope
I explained that right.) DSKINI on
drive 1 works just fine. Otherwise the controller seems to work fine for
loading games and apps.

I opened the controller and cleaned all the contacts. I can see that some of
the contacts have the tin worn off and
are looking the color of copper and not silver. Should I re-tin these with

Besides the worn contacts would anyone else know what could be wrong with
the controller?


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