[Coco] FS: SCSI removable drive and MPI

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Fri May 19 00:04:11 EDT 2006

I have a SyQuest EZFlyer 235 if anyone is interested.
$95 shipped (because of weight) - 28 sealed cartriddges, 3-4 are new, but storage case dog-chewed (don't ask), and 2-3 used cartridges. One brand new sealed-in-the-box drive, and a used drive.

WOnder if they're CoCo compatible...witht he TC3 or other SCSI board?

I have a pic available if anyone is interested. Gotta clean this garage out!

Also got a white MPI - $45 shipped. Don't know if it's got the PAL upgrade or not, no way to check right now, either.

ROGER - ain't found the EPROM eraser yet, sorry. I know it's SOMEWHERE in the garage on one of the shelves.


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