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>I hope there was a mistake there. In the 30 years I lived in Uruguay, I've 
>never seen something like that.
> As a matter of fact, a few years ago they passed a new law that forced the 
> drivers to keep the lights on even at day when using a highway.
> May be that was in Paraguay?
> Diego
> Frederick D Provoncha wrote:
>> My wife has been to Uruguay and down
>>there people don't use their headlights at all, even when it's totally
>>pitch-dark out. They don't seem to mind running the significant risk of
>>hitting an unseen child or an animal or a rock or a tree in order to save
>>a little bit of money on gas.
>>Fred Provoncha
>>Stansbury Park, UT

 Myself, growing up in the country, we learned that on a night with a good 
moon, it was actually safer to drive without lights.
 Headlights blind the creatures that may be lingering on or around a road. 
They're blinded by your headlights, can't figure out which way to go and 
therefore are unpredictable. They might just dart in front of you as you 
pass by at highway speeds.
 With the lights off, they can see and they know which way to go to get out 
of your way.
 This is why danged near every crash with a deer and other night creatures 
occurs at night. We blind them with our headlights.

 Truckers in Mexico often run without lights when there's a good moon. It's 
illegal there too! But, they do it anyway.

 I still do it here in Texas, when conditions allow.... IF I'm out there on 
those back roads and conditions permit. (Not Often)


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