[Coco] MESS Emulator

John Donaldson johnadonaldson at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 26 20:24:33 EST 2006

   That is true, but if you set /d0 to say b: and then try and do even a 
DIR /D0, it does not
work. The drive spins but returns either a seek or rad error.  I have a 
old 486 DX with
a real 360K coco drive as the B drive.
   You should be able to put a OS9 boot disk in it and it should boot 
OS9. It does not.
I know the drive works with a COCO, since I bought at one of the last 
fests I attended.

John donaldson

Robert Gault wrote:

> The JV emulator will access real floppies from within the emulator. 
> You just need to tell the emulator that a drive# goes to a:, b:, or 
> whatever your drive number is.
> John Donaldson wrote:
>> Reason I was asking, is everyone seems to want a way to read COCO 
>> disk under MSDOS and always wondered why none of the emulators could 
>> read a REAL COCO disk. I think the only one that will read a COCO 
>> disk is Kriel's Emulator. I thought that
>> when John overhauled the JV emulator that he was going to make the 
>> floppy drive
>> readable under the emulator.
> ><snip>

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