[Coco] Robot Odyssey on PC

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 25 14:21:40 EST 2006

Hi, Chester,
I recoment to try a program called "DosBox" and run the game through that. 
It seems to corect the timing and emulate an older computer. Its freeware 
and just do a Google search. I use it to play the Kings quest and Lesuir 
suit Larry games and it seems to work great, once you figure (remember) your 
DOS commands and things like How to mound drives etc.
Hope this helps a bit

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>I've downloaded Robot Odyssey for PC, a game which I really love and 
>played for a long long time. Perhaps you may assist me to get the darn 
>to run right. For one, there is no way to exit the game, I've got to go to
>the W2K taskbar and kill it the drastic way. The worst problem is that it
>runs too fast, way too fast. I need to slow it down! And the last problem 
>that the solder iron (space bar) won't work at all.
>Eventually I'll find some corner of the house to set up my CC3 (after 12
>years) and run the game as it was meant to.
>I apologize for the perhaps sillyness of the request, you guys being deep
>techies et al.
>/Chester from Costa Rica
>As we say down here, "Pura Vida!" (Pure Life!)
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