[Coco] Re: USB floppies,

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Sat Feb 25 06:15:29 EST 2006

> I've recently tried an USB floppy under XP Pro w/sp2.
> Retrieve.exe doesn't actually see it or the real floppy.
> The Omniflop 2.01g driver won't install for the usb floppy.  You get a
> hard reboot if you try, and then you have to fix the drivers for the
> real one.
> The specs for the usb floppy: MSDOS 720k and 1.44MB, and MacOS 1.44MB.

Retrieve.exe is accessing the XP command prompt's BIOS emulation with
parameters it doesn't process any longer.

The driver of Omniflop tries to access the PC's floppy controller
directly. The flopyy controller doesn't have access to any USB drive.
Only the up to 4 drives connected to the shugart bus can be accessed.


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