[Coco] [Color Computer] Ebay bad sellers amd fake and constant BSall Coconuts beware!!!

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 21:55:01 EST 2006

You have 2 choices, quit or go on, but never expect any help from E-bay 
themselves. I do a lot of both buying and selling on E-bay, and I have had 
my fair share of scam artists. Last year I bought 2 laptops off of what I 
thought were 2 different sellers, turned out it was the same guy. Because I 
paid with a Money order, EBay would not protect me. I have since got a 
Pay-as- you go Credit Card (from Money mart) and with Pay pal, its suppose 
to protect you.
I have notice no matter how fast the payment is, or how many e-mails you 
give or how fast you ship, you just can't please everyone. I had shipped an 
auction within 24 hours, express post and because of customs hold up the guy 
received it in 20 days and still left bad feedback with a tracking number! 
Reason -slow shipping.
I even recently won an auction, paid for it with 15 minutes of the auction 
closing, and because I requested shipping to be "NOT UPS"and was willing to 
pay extra for ether USPS or Fed-EX he still left me bad feedback and refused 
to ship the item.
Some people are just plain ***holes (forgive the language), and you just 
have to keep reading the feedback, left by others and hope that everything 
works out. NO online store is 100% safe (heck even my store is sometimes 
slow in shipping, but I do my best to try to keep everyone happy), so your 
only choice is to keep trying or quit all together.

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