[Coco] [Color Computer] Ebay bad sellers amd fake and constant BS all Coconuts beware!!!

Basil Fitze basilf at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 24 21:15:56 EST 2006


How many of you are using Ebay to get Coco items I got scammed so far 
four times of which these two I actually have info the rest were vapor 

1 --
Business Contact Information
Customer Service URL: 		http://www.woodlandssanctuary.com
Customer Service Email: 		service at woodlandssanctuary.com 
<MAILTO:service at woodlandssanctuary.com>
Customer Service Phone: 		931-381-0147

Total Amount: 	
	-$44.98 USD
	Oct. 14, 2005
	11:25:11 PDT

Conversion From: 	
	-$54.76 CAD
Conversion To: 	
	$44.98 USD
Exchange Rate: 	
	1 Canadian Dollar = 0.821467 U.S. Dollars

Item # 	Item Title 	Qty 	Price 	Subtotal
5245081532 	RARE Tandy FD 500 Color Computer Disk Drive FD500 
	1 	$19.99 USD 	$19.99 USD

Shipping & Handling
(includes any seller handling fees) 	$24.99 USD
Shipping Insurance (optional): 	--
Total: 	$44.98 USD


So far got nothing e-mails and all contacting ignored.  They got $50.00 from me. 


moses61282    <http://feedback.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=moses61282&iid=5182603521&frm=284>
Item number: 5182603521. Got $70.00 from me 

I post this because I am fed up with countless Ebay bad sellers and scamms I am just tired of the BS.   If anyone has similar issue post them contacting Ebay is a total waste of time. Thier either staffed by bots or something closer to ...  

Due to Ebay scamms got fake strikes against me still fighting such as 

*You were the winning buyer on eBay item (). No item The seller  No 
Seller , , has told us that they have not received payment, or that you 
were unable to resolve this issue. As a result, you have received an 
Unpaid Item strike.  You can't appeal this as there is no item number 
this has become Ebay hell.

*Because of the repeated Unpaid Item strikes against your account, you 
have been automatically suspended from eBay. Repeated fake strikes

* You can appeal this strike if you believe it is not deserved. First, 
read the requirements 
<http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/appeal-upi.html> for appealing the 
strike. If you meet them, you can submit your appeal on that page. If 
your appeal is successful the strike will be removed. *

* If you have recently paid for the item or have otherwise resolved this 
dispute, you can ask the seller to remove 
<http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/seller-remove-upi.html> the Unpaid 
Item strike themselves. *

*Please note:
This suspension does not relieve you of your obligation to pay any 
balance on your eBay account. Please check you balance and make an 
immediate payment. *

*Continue > <http://my.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBay>*

but its  a useless battle it one after another if anyone has a solution I see no way out of this.  I just wanted to build my Coco collection.  

If anyone has any help I am ready to listen. 

Brought to you by the 6809, the 6803 and their cousins! 
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