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>So do I.  Twice, in  a 2 week time span
> back in spring 1984, I'm sitting 
>on a suzi  550 in Ashland KY, at the same
> light in front of the Big Bear  
>grocery store, look into the mirrors
> and see a car coming up  behind me 
>with no indication of a slowdown and 
>stop for the  light.  And twice I 
>kicked myself over onto the right
> side  and gave it an ounce of good 
>gulf, jumping the curb into the  parking
> lot, and then getting stopped, 
>and turning around to see  that 
>both the vehicle in front of me, and the 
>one I saw in the  mirrors, totalled with
> heavy personal injury to the 
>driver of  the rear vehicle in both cases
My sole mode of transportation from my  college
days until 1988 was a Honda CB900F super
sport with dual disc  brakes up front and one
in the rear and 100 bhp engine output.
It was a  rocket ship but I didn't use its
abilities to break the speed laws.  I  used them
mainly to stay out of everyone else's way.
These ranged from  distracted mothers fighting
with the kids in the back seat to a little old  lady
who would look you in the eyes as you approached
then make a left  turn into your path trying  to turn 
you into a hood   ornament.

those were the good old days for sure.....

( I brought  my new coco3 home on it strapped
to the cargo rack in back right through the  middle
of town) :)


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