[Coco] Re: The Lucky CoCoNut

Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Thu Feb 23 08:40:25 EST 2006

Hello Roger

Yeah... I can recall a motorcycle accident that should have done me in 30
years ago just like it happened yesterday. The lesson for me was, "don't
smoke maryjane while riding 8-).

On 02/23/2006, Roger Taylor wrote:
> With all kidding aside, there is a very lucky CoCoNut among us today...
> This morning, I was on my way to work on Interstate 20 and I had a bad 
> accident.  It was raining so I was doing 60-65 instead of the usual 70 
> through this area and also watching the bridges for ice.  I later
> learned  it was not cold enough for ice, but the slick roads were just
> as dangerous  for vehicles with balding tires.  My back tires have been
> overinflated so  the center surface was pretty slick.
> When I came off of one of the bridges I noticed my truck fishtailing to
> the  left just maybe a few inches.  It was small but noticeable.  I let
> off of  the gas and kept the wheel straight to see if I was ok, but the
> truck  fishtailed again in the other direction a tad.  At this point I
> knew I was  probably hydroplaning but I didn't know what move to make
> next to keep from  overcorrecting. The truck kept sliding back and
> forth at the rear until it  got out of control and I started sliding
> off of the road, still doing  65.  I was not about to steer towards the
> treeline at my speed.   When I  knew I was bound for the trees across
> the ditch I braced for death.  I  extended my arms out tight and
> dropped my head and started yelling No. When  I hit the steep ditch my
> truck started flipping end over end.  The rear of  the truck came up
> and over and I rolled this way until I slammed into the  trees.
> When I was rolling, I remember thinking just for a second "I'm about to 
> die, here it comes".  There is no way to describe it but the picture is 
> stuck in my head like it is still happening.  I impacted very hard and
> the  truck came to a rest back on 4 wheels.  At this point I thought I
> was  dead.  But the first instinct besides asking yourself are you
> really alive  or dead is to get out of the truck quick in case a fire
> starts and you get  trapped.  So I beat the door open and jumped out.
>  I used my cel to dial 911.
> People, I walked away from this accident and I was not wearing a seat 
> belt.  I normally do, but for some reason I forgot to put it on.  The
> truck  was still running and my wipers were going, headlights on, etc.
> when the  trooper and ambulance showed up.  I was in the E.R. from
> 4:30am to 8:30am  doing xrays and the usual.  They sent me home with
> some prescriptions for  pain but I haven't taken anything yet and I've
> been walking around trying  to keep soreness from setting in.  But
> tonight I have a feeling it's gonna  get me while I'm sleeping, so I'm
> going to take my medicine and hope I can  get up and walk in the
> morning.  So, there won't be any CoCo work today or  tomorrow most
> likely.
> People, drive safe, wear your seat belts, and keep good tires on your
> vehicle.
> Roger Taylor
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