[Coco] Re: Disk image problem

Mike Pepe lamune at doki-doki.net
Tue Feb 21 21:27:11 EST 2006

Leon Howell wrote:
>> Uh, if you're talking about the nitros9 tools, they don't actually read 
>> physical disks. they only read/write disk image files.
> I typed:
>   DSKINI /T80 /D A: NOS96809l2v030205_80D.DSK
> I followed the same instructions on a Tandy 1000HX and got a bad track 0 on 
> all drives, but at least it tried to use a real disk drive. The instructions 
> on the web site say they are for making a real disk.

I got that utility to work, once.

It's ancient.

I had much better success using linux to do the transfers. Also it 
worked much better to format the disk in the CoCo first and not have the 
PC format it.

Good luck, this stuff is much more difficult than it should be.

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