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Thu Feb 16 20:35:01 EST 2006

A CoCo printer cable is easy! Even I remember making my own long ago, and I didn't recall anything special. I just looked it up in "Tandy's Little Wonder" (shameless plug!) to make sure. Only three wires are used. 

CoCo DIN                    DB-25
Pin#  Function             Pin#  Function
2     Receive Data         20    External Ready
3     Ground               1 (or 7) Ground
4     Transmit Data        3     Receive Data

That's all there is to it! The hardest part is finding a four pin DIN connector. 

Speaking of "Tandy's Little Wonder"... I'm planning on making a "last CoCo Fest" visit myself this April. I'm going to print only 20 hard copies to take to the fest. They will have a special "CoCo3 20th Anniversary Edition" cover, and be numbered. Cost will be $30 at the show. Provided I don't sell them all I'll make them available here. I'll print a few more when I get back and let the list know when they are available. Cost will be the same. I'm considering a lower cost PDF file version on CD-ROM, but I want to see how a hard copy goes first.  

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