[Coco] OT Traveling to Kitchener Ontario...

Merv Curley mervc at eol.ca
Sun Feb 12 10:39:36 EST 2006

On Sunday 12 February 2006 06:21, Paul T. Barton wrote:
> My company may be sending myself and another person to Kitchener Ontario
> this Tuesday. I've never been anywhere near there and I want to know if
> any coconuts are near there. This is a business trip. I also understand
> that it's really cold there as that New York storm is nearby.
Well I am in nearby Toronto, and am not aware of anything happening down 
Kitchener way.  In fact I am aware of only 2 other Coco interested nuts in 
this city.  The weather should be moderating by Tues but will still be in the 
32 deg. area on Tues with predictions of 40ish by Thurs.  This AM is the 
coldest this winter at -15 C. and no snow around here.  Kitchener mught have 
some however.

Have a good trip.

Merv Curley
Toronto, Ont. Can

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