[Coco] Re: Let me introduce myself (GW/CoCo BASIC similarities)

Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Fri Feb 3 13:28:46 EST 2006

Hello Gene


> Needless to say I nuked that pile of steaming poo, and bought a copy of 
> SAS/C and never looked back.  I used it, a lot in those days.  Its 
> still sitting on the shelf about 3 feet away, the last version, 6.58.  
> Lots of miggy stuff here, but the 30GB HD in my 64 meg 68040 equipt 
> 2000 with a picasso-II video card, threw a rod and it lost its space on 
> my desk.  Its in the basement now waiting for a real collector to come 
> along.
Yeah, I know that too, but I hadta try ya know what I mean 8-)

My miggy A4000 is in the process of throwing a rod too. The cursor keeps
jumping horizontally about an inch at a high rate, but irratically. So when
I attempt to open a drawer next to other drawers, very often the drawer I
was trying to open ended up being dropped in a draw next to it. To make
matters worse, my trusty A2065 ethernet card seems to have packed it in too. <sigh>
Sooo I'm using WinUAE a lot these days. Fortumately, I had copied all of my
typesetting business to that a long time ago. The most the miggy get used
for these days is to make ADF virtual floppies for WinUAE and E-UAE.

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        With an Amiga           ---o-o-O-o-o---  and a CoCo

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