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Russell Flowers coffeecircle at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 16:25:41 EST 2006

--- benwillis <benwillis at verizon.net> wrote:

> I did dabble in 6809 assembler. Yes it was cool.
> Frustrating thing 
> was having to write 6 or 8 instructions compared to
> 1 line of BASIC. 
> Of course, those 6 or 8 instructions were way
> faster, and more 
> flexible. And one could create a routine that was
> parameterized to 
> avoid having to re-write those same 6 or 8
> instructions again.  But, 
> perhaps it's just personal taste - I found assembler
> was more often 
> frustrating than it was fun.  That's why I like high
> level languages 

A good technique in those days was writing most of the
program in BASIC, and using ML routines where you
needed high speed or complexity. For example, I worked
on kind of a 'mapping' program for the CoCo. (It was
my implementation of Envyrn from SoftSide magazine, if
you remember that.) Most of it was in BASIC, but I had
a hi-res screen where you could build a 128x128 grid
from a tile set you drew. Scrolling around that map
with a BASIC routine was agonizing - you clicked a
scroll widget and waited while the screen was redrawn.
I implemented a small ML routine to do the scrolling,
and you could fly across that map.

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