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Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Wed Feb 1 19:11:16 EST 2006



  a.. Part 1: A 6809 Uniprocessor (28K text, 37K linked PDF files)
  b.. Part 2: Sharing the Bus (18K text, 44K images)
  c.. Part 3: Mid-Course Corrections (21K text, 156K linked PDF file)
  d.. Part 4: The IBM PC Bus (21K text, 156K linked PDF file)
  e.. Part 5: Serial I/O (34K text, 163K linked PDF files)


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From: "Jim Cox" jimcox at miba51.com

> A long time ago, I sent out copies of the Motorola 
> Applications Notes for a dual 6809 system to several 
> members of this list.
> If I come across the document again, I'll provide copies 
> to who ever want's them.  Please reply off line, but it's 
> a low priority thing for me right now, so it will be a few 
> months.

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