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I had one like that! Stuffed a CC3 in a KayproII case. I used the monochrome composite monitor. I built a circuit to drive the original monitor for a short time, but the tube was about burned out. Ran across a same size open-frame amber composite monitor and stuck that in. Liked it much better! I made a new overlay for the keyboard and put a 25 pin connector on the front of the case coneected to the CoCo keyboard connector. The CoCo keyboard lived on the other end of a ribbon cable in place of the Kaypro keyboard. I replaced the two full size drives with a pair of half height and a 3.5" in a 5.25" adapter, and made a cubby hole for disks in the remaining space. It was the bomb for taking to CoCofests in Chicago! No more taking my desktop system apart and packing it away for the long car trip! It was a relatively easy repack IIRC. I just cut holes for all the CoCo connectors along the back, the keyboard was the only thing on an extension of any kind. I found that a single line header was perfect for the keyboard connector on the CoCo. I just soldered a ribbon cable to the header and stuck it in the connector on the MB. 

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I've got an old (as in very early) Compaq luggable case I intend to use for a 
Coco 3 repack.
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