[Coco] Finally got broadband (ot)

David Roper dave at ebonhost.com
Mon Aug 28 23:41:07 EDT 2006

Steve Ostrom wrote:
> When I first went online at 300 baud, that was the neatest feeling in 
> the world.  I actually stuck with 300 baud for longer than I should 
> have.  But, WOW, I was on-line !!  Today, I'm writing this on a fast 
> PC connected to the internet using a cable modem and Road Runner.  
> Fast, but not nearly the same WOW factor.
> -- Steve --
Tee hee - my original post turned out to be more on-topic than 
originally thought

-and- it brought everyone to life!

Now, enough of the good ol' (slow) says.. someone go answer my ASM 
question *grin, duck and hide*

- David

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