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Congratulations.  I'm sure it will be fun; I can attest that my "back  
to school" experience was a blast.  Of course, finding a way to tie  
the CoCo into your learning will make it even more fun.

I went to your college's website and see there are three "tracks" in  
the Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology curriculum:

Automated Controls

Computer Systems
Networking Technology

Which one are you going to be taking?
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On Aug 27, 2006, at 7:55 AM, Bruce W. Calkins wrote:

> Was: [Coco] followup on nitros9/disto errors
> And on that note, I'll drop the line that I'm going back to school  
> starting
> tomorrow.  Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer  
> Systems
> Concentration, at Chattanooga State Community College.   Other
> concentrations sharing the first year curriculum are Automated  
> Controls and
> Networking Technology.
> I'm not sure just how much to blame my CoCo('s) (From 01-1983) and  
> this fine
> assemblage of personas for this choice.  We'll be finding out just  
> how well
> this old man can keep up with the other kids in class.  (33 years  
> after High
> School)  Although it's creates some trepidation when one has to get a
> dictionary out before he's finished reading the introductions to  
> the text
> books. (pedagogy)
> Bruce W.
>> Chuckle, and its the learning that is the fun, Mike. :)
>> Cheers, Gene
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