[Coco] enable no-halt disto driver

Mike Pepe lamune at doki-doki.net
Sat Aug 19 18:43:44 EDT 2006

Robert Gault wrote:
> Mike Pepe wrote:
>> hey guys,
>> playing with a disto SC2 here. how do I get the no-halt mode to work 
>> in nitros9? I'm guessing I need to build a new boot file with the 
>> proper driver installed?
>> I forget how to do it...
>> -Mike
> Decide whether you need 6809 or 6309 for the CPU and select the correct 
> 80 track disk as that contains the needed modules. For example, change 
> to the directory NitrOS-9/6309L2/BootLists and List the standard.bl 
> file. You will see many entries for the WD1773 disk controller.
> Comment out the Tandy rb1773.dr and select the Disto SCII driver 
> required for your system based on the needed I/O address, $FF74 or 
> $FF58. It hardly matters with an emulator but is important with 
> hardware. The I/O port is controlled by a jumper in the controller and 
> should be set so that there are no conflicts with for example a hard 
> disk interface.
> Select the desired descriptors for the drives you have.
> Now you can change directories to NitrOS-9/6309L2/Scripts and use mb to 
> create a bootable disk with the no-halt drivers.

Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Now I need to refresh my memory on how edit works.

Is there some sort of nice modern editor I should be using instead? Edit 
is *so* retro.


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