[Coco] New Coco3 owner

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Sat Aug 5 10:11:11 EDT 2006

Bob Devries wrote:

> If the RF connector has been pulled out (It happens), it is repairable. 
> Buy a suitable PANEL MOUNT RCA type socket and mount it in the hole. 
> With luck the wire that connected to the centre of the connector is 
> still there, and can be attached to the back end of the new connector. 
> It's a tight fit, but it is do-able. I've repaired a few that way.

Yeah, it's interesting. Looking into the hole in the can, I can see an empty 
pad immediately underneath. So perhaps it has been ripped out. Odd, because 
the rest of the machine is in perfect condition.

I was wondering if they ever sold Coco3's without RF output.

Anyway, no biggie, I never had any intention of using RF output anyway. I'll 
be using composite and RGB only.


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