[Coco] Re:DS-69B Reverse Engineering/GofD Archive (Brian)

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Sat Aug 5 16:20:30 EDT 2006

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> Hi Curtis and Andrew,
> I have original copies of both the programs you's disscussed, DS-69B, And Gates Of Delirium.
> Curtis, I'll make a backup of my copy, And send you it, So you can compare the 2 programs.
> Andrew, As for GOFD not working on a coco 3, The Original copy I have, Worked fine on my Pal Coco3 system, But I never much got into it, Mostly because there was no way to Back it up, And being a really old copy, Wasn't worth the risk in playing it.
> laters
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I could have sworn I had to use my CoCo 2 to run GofD - my CoCo 2 is an 
NTSC version - so I am not sure that makes a difference or not. 
Unfortunately, as I have noted before in other emails, my original copy 
won't boot - which is what prompted my whole "crusade" to get it running 
again, because at the time it seemed like I was the only person in North 
America who still had a (somewhat) working copy. I am glad to hear that 
there is another person out there who has it as well. Michael Crawford 
has a copy as well - he contacted me after seeing a post I had made on 

BTW, as far as your floppies of GofD are concerned, do you still have 
the original disk envelopes? If you do, what colors are they? I surmised 
(from my limited sample of Diecom software - which was only GofD) that 
they might have had various color printing on each of the disk 
envelopes. My two envelopes came in red and violet/purple - what color 
are your envelopes? If they are the same colors, then Diecom might have 
only used those. If you have other colors, then maybe there was a whole 
"rainbow" of them. It would be neat to have a scanned archive of all the 
colors of Diecom software disk envelopes...

Survey: Does anyone else on this list have any Diecom disk envelopes of 
different colors?

-- Andrew L. Ayers
    Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona

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