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leonard leonard23 at verizon.net
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Uh Oh...I'm going to get a lot more confused before this is over, but I
guess that's the learning curve kicking in :)!  I made up a boot disk awhile
back and included the bbhdisk driver, and the (2) descriptors h0, & h1 (I
have 2 drives).  After nitros9 booted up changed the data and execution
directories in the text file called startup and everything seemed to work
ok.  Guess I need a more dumbed down explanation of what exactly this boot
module thing is.

I really appreciate all the info.  Sometimes when I'm learning about new
things it takes awhile before I can digest it all.  Please bear with me as I
struggle with the language.


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   First NitrOS9 will NOT boot from the Hard Drive. The NitrOS9 boot 
will reside on the /D0 floppy. After it boots from /D0, it turns control 
over to the hard drive and the system then runs from the hard.
 Drive. I made a 40T DSDD boot disk and that is what I boot with. You 
will need to include the hard
Drive Discripters and the Hard Drive Manager in the boot file.  Once 
control is turned over to the hard
Drive, /DD will be /H0.

John Donaldson

leonard wrote:

>Ok...Another question.  If I install the boot module, then all I need is
>device descriptor?  Like h0, h1?  I do have them, but since the Os-9
>operating system has been optimized for the 6309 I assumed the software for
>the B&B needed to be as well.  I do own the original disks for the
>controller.  When the superboard becomes available I won't have to worry
>about any of this stuff.  Hallelujah!!  I'm frothing at the bit for that,
>but for now I have to work with what I have.  It will be worth the wait I'm
>sure!  The good thing out of all this is that I learned how to get a dsk
>image onto a real coco disk and learning is what it's all about for me.
>Thanks to everybody for all the help.
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>Robert Gault <robert.gault at worldnet.att.net> wrote:>leonard wrote:
>>>... where do I find the
>>>drivers for the Burke & Burke hard drive?  I found something called
>>>boot.burke that was located in the modules directory under 
>  >> 6309/level2.  I
>>>guess what I'm saying is that I do not understand what all the stuff is 
>  >> on the disk.  ...
>>There may not yet be any good installation docs for NitrOS-9 but you 
>>should check the site. ...the docs need to be improved and they are 
>  >being worked on.
>>Boot.burke is the boot module for  use with a B&B controller. There >ought
>also to be a module in  the RBF directory for the B&B controller 
>  >but there isn't...
>>Some of the drivers are available if you get the source code for the 
>>NitrOS-9 project and compile it. Some hard disk drivers are being sold 
>>by Cloud-9.
>>However,  any hardware that you own should come with the needed >drivers
>and  descriptors which can be used when os9gen-ing a NitrOS-9
>  >disk. You should not need the NitrOS-9 distribution to provide you with 
>  >drivers for Coco hardware that you previously bought.
>This  is true, assuming that 10-20 year old drivers assembled for the 6809
>version of OS-9 still work on current versions of NitrOS-9.  I'm  not
>they won't, because I haven't done enough experimenting with  it yet.  But
>it may be a consideration.  
>  Is there any clearly defined way one could contribute to the
>  JCE

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