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I bought CoCoMax hoping to use it to produce "the world of 68' micros". It was the version after the Tandy Hi-Res joystick came out. I don't recall what the difference between the CCMax and Tandy Hi-REs interfaces were, but it was minor. At first CCMax came with the interface, later versions (like I had) used the Tandy Hi-Res interface instead. Both did the same thing (increase screen resolution to max). Tandy may have copied the CCMax design. Since there were no patents on it, they could! I don't know for sure, but do recall it was easy to mod one to work like the other. CCMax probably switched once someone figured out how to patch the program to use the Tandy instead of proprietary interface. Chris Hawks sold a modified Tandy Hi-Res that could be switched to CCMax or Tandy functions, but that was mentioned already. 

I never used CCMax for the magazine because quality, especially of output, just wasn't good enough. If I could have connected an inexpensive laser printer it may have been useable.  

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> Doug,
> It is a must-have for CoCoMax, UNLESS you have the RS Graphics tablet and 
> the 'patch' they put together for it. I used to enjoy using CoCoMax with an 
> actual pen and paper to draw with/on.
> CoCoMax won't normally work with the regular joysticks, although I seem to 
> recall that there may have been a patch for them, too.
> HTH,
> Richard
> >
> >Would this be a must have for CocoMax to work?  Is it a must have for
> >other pieces of software?  Cetain games maybe?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Doug

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