[Coco] Video adapters

Chris Hawks chawks at dls.net
Thu Apr 27 22:49:05 EDT 2006

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> Hi,
> I cannot speak for anyone else, however I certainly would be MOST interested
> in an arrangement that has BOTH adapters functioning at the same time.
> I believe I'm on Roy's waiting list, but I'm in no hurry. I will also order
> Chris' S-vid adapter if the fix can be implemented. Many thanks!


    No fix is needed. The blue is a little weak, but it's only noticable
if you try to do blue text on a black background. A video engineer told me
that it was an S-Video thing. It was never intended to do 80 column text.
All the other color combos look great! See John Kowalski's picture at:
The AD724 picture looks just like my adapter does. It looks even better in
real life.

    I'll be demo-ing it on a 42" plasma at the 'fest.

BTW: Were you at HowardMedical when I was involved with them?? I deisigned
the Slot-Pak. Chicke(sp) was thre then.

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Christopher R. Hawks
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