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I'm fairly certain that applications written in Visual Basic 6.0 will
continue running provided you can install the required run-time components
on these computers. I doubt the run-time components are installed with any
version of Windows, although I should note that I have a habit of wrapping
all of my applications in installation packages so I don't have to worry
about them.

All versions of Visual Studio .NET include the Visual Basic 6.0 Migration
Wizard that converts Visual Basic 6.0 code to Visual Basic .NET code, but
the results vary widely depending on the specific application. I have some
applications that converted easily along with some applications that
allegedly converted but have so many compiler warnings and errors that it's
not worth the trouble. Code that relies on the Printers or Forms collection
won't work because Visual Basic .NET does not support these collections.
I've also had significant issues with code that uses default properties
(e.g. Label = "" instead of Label.Caption = "").

I strongly recommend running the code through the Visual Basic 6 Code
Analysis tool before attempting to migrate the code to Visual Basic .NET.
This is a free tool from Microsoft that analyzes existing Visual Basic 6
code to identify some (but not all) potential problems that need to be
addressed prior to attempting to migrate the code to Visual Basic .NET.

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There is NO version after V6.0. It is NOW called Visual  Studio NET. 
Which is no where compatible
with the old VS5 or VS6. The  last word we got was VS6.0 (VB6, VC++6.0, 
and etc) support will be  discontinued as of Jan 2007. This mean no more 
updates or anything. VS5.0  was discontinued in 2004. Only the NEW .NET 
stuff will be  supported.

OK -- I knew that MS was calling their all-in-one studio dot-NET, which  
seems to imply very Internet oriented (though maybe not).
But I trust that VB programs will still run on any Windows PC.  Or  won't 
And if I ever upgrade to Studio NET, will it import my old projects?
Funny we should even have to ask these questions, but this is M$ we're  
talking about ... Mike K.

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