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Perhaps I can help... on a limited basis. I don't have a lot of time either.

How might I assist?


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>>How's the Rainbow  magazine to CD or DVD progressing?
> In a word it's not  George.    Micheal has had real life issues
> keep him from  working on it and nobody has stepped up
> to help him.   He's got all  the software needed to do it but
> no time to work on it right now and nobody  to help.  I was
> going to  bring the subject up at the  fest
> What we need is volunteers.   I  would be doing  it myself
> but I simply don't have the time with the  converter and all.
> When I get caught up with that I am going to get my  scanner
> out and see what I can do.  Until then we need people on  the
> ground to get it going.   I don't know how busy Micheal is  but
> maybe he does have the time to coordinate if not scan himself.
> If  not,  he has offered to hand over the project to someone who
> has the  time for it.
> So what's it going to be....any  takers out there?  We have
> all of the Rainbow issues except for the  final two or three
> years.   We have some but not all of  those.   I tryed to buy
> some of the final issues for the project  when they came up on ebay but
> I was outbid and no more have shown up  since.
> We have the software to scan the material  already paid for
> and most of the issues gathered together ready to  scan.
> So everybody how about a little help  here?
> Roy  
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