[Coco] booted again!

Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 7 22:28:50 EDT 2006

>Jim Asks;<

> I believe the power up sequence should be:
> MPI->Drives->Monitor->CoCo
## FWIW; I have all on a power strip.  I turn off the CoCo then the power
strip.  Reverse to boot, although I wait for the hard drives to spin up
before turning on the CoCo.

> I plan to clean the contacts on as much as possible with
> Isopropol too.
## Rub them with a pencil eraser first, then a lint free cloth with
denatured alcohol.  If they are "gold" plated, just clean them with the lint
free cloth with denatured alcohol.

> Oh, one last last thing, I am also planning to set up a
> Win 98 box in the same spot for development work.  I
> believe 98 is the best version from all the talk I've seen
> about DOS.
## It works for me.  My GF has ME on her machine.  It's been a PITA, but,
she's enamored with the thumbnails for her photo folders.  They also made a
half-hearted attempt to hide DOS under ME.  It's there, just a bit harder to
get to.

## Bruce W.

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