[Coco] PBJ Word-Pak

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webmaster at coco3.com writes:
>Does anybody know of any Disk BASIC software  that can use the 
>Word-Pak?  Also, is NitrOS-9 equipped to use this  cartridge already or do I 
>need to painfully build a boot disk just to  try it out.

>I'm interested in experimenting with this thing so if  anybody has the 
>technical specs for a programmer, let me  know.

THere were three versions of  the wordpak.   THe first wordpak, the
wordpak II  which had  the video source relay and the wordpak RS which
was sold through radio  shack.   The first two are supported in Nitros9
Level 1.  I  don't know if the last one is supported or not.   Boisey had
the  wordpak II and wordpak RS. He got the the wordpak II to work but I  never
heard anything about the wordpak RS unit so I don't know about  it.
I sent Boisy the Diskbasic software and scans of the manuals  for
the wordpak II.   I can provide those if you need  them.   Just let me
know if you do.


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