[Coco] CoCo bitbanger does 115200 bps

KnudsenMJ at aol.com KnudsenMJ at aol.com
Tue Apr 4 23:36:57 EDT 2006

In a message dated 4/4/06 9:50:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  rrivey at yahoo.com 

I know  Im setting myself up for a lot of eye rolling and "What a  Maroon!", 
but,  ahhh.. what is the purpose of "bitbanging" at xxxx   speed. 

It means you don't need a hardware parallel-to-serial (byte to bits)  
converter, like an RS232 Pak.  Coco software does it all; you just  need the 4-pin 
cable out the back.
Software is cheaper than hardware, as the Coco's designers knew all too  well 
--Mike K.

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