[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Apr 28 09:53:31 EDT 2006

Can we revisit this one more time?  I have posted 2 .djvu files for a true
apples to apples comparison - both files are 1.6mb is size and of the
exact same 10 pages of the August 1989 issue.  These files have not been

The purpose of this comparison is to look at two files that use different
sources for image capture of the Rainbow magazine pages and determine
whether the images gathered via the camera are "good enough" or whether
the wait for the rest of the images to be scanned is worth the effort. 
Please focus your attention on image quality.

The .djvu files are as follows:


Michael Harwood

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