[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Digest Number 861

Rudolf Gutlich inforvale at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 23 23:38:04 EDT 2006

The biggest problem will be the speed, George.

When you type RUN and press ENTER, the program will be
ENDED in a blink ;)

So, all the fun of loading tapes, executing things...
will be gone! And using a PC keyboard instead the
original one... hmmmm doesn't seems to be nice at all.

Best regards,

Rudolf Gutlich

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> Topics in this digest:
>       1. [coco] What would it take to really emulate
> a coco on a modern PC?
>            From: "George Ramsower"
> <yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com>
> Message: 1         
>    Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:36:31 -0500
>    From: "George Ramsower"
> <yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com>
> Subject: [coco] What would it take to really emulate
> a coco on a modern PC?
> I'm "iggernunt" on the technical part of this, but I
> was wondering....
>  What would it take to really emulate a coco on a
> modern PC? This would 
> include a plug in board to emulate all the I/O stuff
> a coco has, including 
> the expansion port.
>  I think this would be an expensive project. I'm
> sure this would not be 
> easy. However, this would be really fun to have a
> real coco on a PC.  It 
> would be faster than a bullet,, more powerful than a
> locomotive,  able to 
> leap tall buildings in a single bound.....
>   I hope you get the idea.
>  I would be willing to make a special boot to afford
> this, provided I could 
> swap files between the emulator and this *&^^^ XP
> box..
>  I love my cocos. However, they are slow. Imagine an
> I/O board that would do 
> this, using an emulator program on a modern   PC.
>  I'm sure I'm dreaming.... No.. not sure, certain.
> George 

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