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>What would it take to  really emulate a coco on a modern PC? This would 
>include a plug in board  to emulate all the I/O stuff a coco has, including 
>the expansion  port.
>I think this would be an expensive project. I'm sure this would not  be 
>easy. However, this would be really fun to have a real coco on a  PC.  It 
>would be faster than a bullet,, more powerful than a  locomotive,  able to 
>leap tall buildings in a single  bound.....
>  I hope you get the idea.

>I would be willing  to make a special boot to afford this, provided I could 
>swap files  between the emulator and this *&^^^ XP box..

>I love my cocos.  However, they are slow. Imagine an I/O board that would do 
>this, using  an emulator program on a modern   PC.

>I'm sure I'm  dreaming.... No.. not sure, certain.


No you are  not dreaming.   The Kiel emulator already does a fine
job of  emulatiing the coco.   It is written in X86 assembler and is
the  fastest emulator there is.   It is over 10 times faster than a  coco
on my toshiba p1 laptop.   All that is needed is a ISA or PCI  card
that plugs into the PC board that has the coco connections.    
Then you would need to provide david with the addresses
of the port  hardware and he could then incorporate it into his emulator!
In time I feel  sure I could produce this hardware.
I sent him  an email some time back suggesting this very thing
as a way to emulate a  hypthetical coco4 prototype but I have yet
to hear from him.   If  he attends the fest I will ask him about it.

IN the mean time George try  the Kiel emulator.   It feels the
same as a coco but can run at  many times the speed.  THis
is adjustable by the way.


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