[Coco] S-Video

Chris Hawks chawks at dls.net
Wed Apr 12 21:38:25 EDT 2006


    The display from my RGB to S-Video adapter looks just like your
picture. Blue is a little faint and a little blurry. I did some checking
and if I the Chroma connection on the S-Video, blue disappears
completely!! Looks like there is _no_ luminance for the blue.

    Can you check on your adapter?? (ISTR, it's a separate jack.) Let me

    Maybe someone here knows about s-video signals.

Christopher R. Hawks
Any research done on how to efficiently use computers has been long lost
in the mad rush to upgrade systems to do things that aren't needed by
people who don't understand what they are really supposed to do with them.
    -- Graham Reed, in a.s.r.

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