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On Monday 26 September 2005 23:40, Roger Taylor wrote:
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>> Well, I guess an update for Sunday September 25, 2005 is in order.
>> Sorta. Rita has  passed and the world around  here is returning to the
>> land of the sane.
>> Here in Todd Mission I could find no damage. One person on our street
>> said he had a tree come down. Only hiccups in the power. Enough to
>> reset your clock or your computer.  No outages.  Not enough rain to
>> wet the ground good.
>Really, Dave?  The power in my area of Kilore just NOW came back on at
>10:20pm Sep 26, Monday.
>I moved my kids into Louisiana on Sunday morning until things were to
>restore, and they will miss school tomorrow because it's too late to go
> get them today, ofcourse.  I've eaten canned foods for days, took cold
> baths, slept with the windows open with no breezes (the air has been
> dead still since Rita moved out), so it's been rough here.

Yeah, but you are still with us Roger, and at the end of the day,
thats what counts.  Glad to hear it, thanks.

Cheers, Gene
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