[Coco] [Color Computer] Multi-vue Vs. Deskmate 3

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Sun Sep 25 21:31:16 EDT 2005

See attachment also.

Multi-Vue  Programmer's Notes / 9

An alternate approach can be taken if you have 512 K. Create a file called 
AIF.CON that looks like this:

(blank line)

This AIF will start the control program on a 16-color, 40x24 screen with 
blue foreground on a white background. For
 simplicity it uses the icon for the Demo program. You can design  your own 
icon instead.

This application will not have any data files associated with it. Clicking 
on it will start control in a full 16-color screen.

The Clipboard Function

When you worked with the desktop functions, you might have hoticed that an 
extra function, clipboard, was inaccessable. This function is intended to be 
used to transfer data between files or applications. It will be implemented 
in future applications that require this type of transfer. This is presented 
now to promote uniformity and compatibility
Multi-Vue  Programmer's Notes /9 displaying the 16 colors currently in the 
color palette.

Setting 16 Colors

>From the Control Panel, you can adjust the four color palettes that you use 
with Multi-Vue. If you would like to set all 16 color palettes, then you'll 
need to do this by calling Control as a standalone program on a 16-color 

The following procedure will open a 16-color graphics window by calling 

1. Reboot the system using the OS-9 Level II disk.

2. 0S9: merge sys/stdfonts

3. 0S9: Iniz w2

4.0S9:dispIay 1b 20 8 0 0 28 18 1 00

5. 0S9: shell i=w2&

6. Press [CLEAR] and you should see a white screen with "0S9:" in blue 
letters. While that screen is displayed, place Multi-Vue Diskette #1 in 
Drive 0.

7. 0S9: chx /d0/cmds

8. 0S9: chd /d0

9. 0S9: control

The control panel will appear with the

16 blocks at the bottom

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Glen VanDenBiggelaar" <glenvdb at hotmail.com>

> hi, Curtis,
> I will try to send this again, as the last reply got bounced by the
> moderator for being over 40K.
> I am following the MVUE manual step-by step (I know, this is my first
> mistake, with all of the typos) on page 9-26 (see attachment) when I get 
> to
> step 6, and press "clear" all I get is a window with a puke green 
> background
> and a little pink "cursor" square that does nothing! no text, no blinking,
> nothing). I am also trying to go though the OS-9 book trying to 
> troubleshoot
> and find the mistake, but with my limited knowledge on the subject, it is
> proving to be time consuming.
> On the next page (see second attached file) it shows a 512k solution, but 
> I
> have yet to have the skills to attempt that, I am not sure if I can do 
> that
> right inside of multi-vue or not. (will try out later today, after I fix 
> the
> website Carts page-Got corrupted some how)
> -thanks for the help and info on the subject everybody and keep it coming. 
> I
> know the difference between the 2, but does anyone use Deskmate and what 
> do
> they like about it or dislike?
> -Glen

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