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Tue Sep 20 17:40:28 EDT 2005


I have the SWTPC emulator and with it is a tool to mangae FLEX 
format DSK files. It will allow extracting files to the PC that can be 
imported to Coco DSK format files using the MESS emulator and 
winimage tools.


On 20 Sep 2005 at 0:22, John E. Malmberg wrote:

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> Willard Goosey wrote:
> >>From: "John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw at qsl.net>
> >>Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 21:29:46 -0400
> > 
> >>FLEX-09 does run on the COCO 3 though.  Given enough time, I could
> >>probably get the ROM basic to run under FLEX-09 using similar
> >>techniques
> > 
> > This is something I'd like to see.  I'm quite curious about FLEX.
> > Could you set me up with disks (virtual or real) for a CoCo3?
> I have not yet had time to figure out how to translate the FLEX-09
> disks that I have to something that can be read outside of the COCO
> floppy environment.
> -John
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