[Coco] CoCo vs EMP WAS--> Re: Coco Digest, Vol 24, Issue 48

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Tue Sep 13 17:18:23 EDT 2005


Rad harden **might** still be a requirment for certain
devices/applications. I work for a defense contractor and we design
weapon system for the future. DOD has removed many of the requiremnts
for qualified parts. In the past we used ALOT of rescreened components.
Normal parts that are tested/screened and certified. Take a $0.25 part
and it becomes $125. Commercial/Industrial parts yields are so good
that the add cost couldn't be validated. Most of the common electrical
assemblies are call COTS(Consumer Off The Shelf) components.

Control system is still our design. Electrical motor drives switching
1000A RMS at 650v 3 phase bus voltages.......... :)


Quoting jdaggett at gate.net:

> Rogelio
> There are chambers set up to test semiconductors for EMP.
> IN fact a lot of CMOS devices will qualify. If I recall CMOS is more
> immune than NMOS or PMOS to such events.  Still the military in
> many key equiptment use what is called radiation harden
> semiconductors. One other method would be to enclose your Coco
> in a magnetic shielded box that would supply around 100 dB  of
> isolation.
> james.
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> > It'd be interesting to somehow rig an EMP test vault and check out
> the
> > CoCo capacity to withstand such an event...
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