[Coco] Why DECB is important to OS-9 folk.

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Mon Sep 12 14:56:08 EDT 2005

A little more on this subject. Yes a installer should be written and it should also
be able to de-install the program. The one thing I hate about Windows, is all the
junk that is left behind when you de-install a program. 

John Donaldson

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> --- "John R. Hogerhuis" wrote: 
> > On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 14:28 -1000, Alex Evans wrote: 
> > > Maybe it is because I think in a different way from others, but I 
> > > never have found basic use of OS-9 to be difficult in any way. Sure 
> > > there are complexities in taking full advantage of your particular 
> > > configuration, or to customize your system. Assuming that OS-9 is 
> > > more complex to use than DECB (something that I am not convinced 
> > > of). 
> > 
> > A BASIC system comes up ready to use, and with a easy to read, 
> > illustrated manual that starts from the absolute basics. 
> > 
> Ahh... the crux of the biscuit! 
> I also did/do not find OS-9 difficult to use. It's getting it customized to 
> your own system that's a royal PITA, even with the manual guiding you 
> step-by-step. There are tricks that are not spelled out, and BLOBs and drive 
> descriptors that may or may not work as hoped, some of which is glossed over in 
> the manual. The stuff that is in there is generally spread out across several 
> sections that keep you flipping back and forth while trying to follow along. 
> OS-9 needs smarter software. I don't want it to look or act like Windows per 
> se, but programs should come with installers that put things where they need to 
> go and set the proper attributes and include the proper support files. Home 
> computers in general never took off until Windows came out, and that is really 
> all it offered... automation to standard DOS crap that nobody wants to spend an 
> extra hour or three messing with just to install one package. These are 
> computers after all, and they are supposed to make things easier for us, not 
> harder. 
> I read list messages about how to get some piece of software working and the 
> procedure sounds equivalent to manually restoring a corrupted disk's 
> filesystem. Not something I want to go through every time I add a program to my 
> hard drive. It seems to be a fragile and precarious environment from my point 
> of view. I'm still waiting for some semblance of stability, which DECB has in 
> spades. 
> Please don't take this as whining or complaining. I'm just trying to help you 
> OS-9 gurus understand why so many of us are reluctant to go the OS-9 route. We 
> see some benefits, but there is a virtual minefield between here and there. And 
> this side of the minefield isn't so bad after all, IMHO. 
> peace, 
> Bob 
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